Finally Some Good NCAA News!

As exciting as the NCAA tournament has been, the NCAA Dead Period ending June 1 is the most exciting news around the NCAA we’ve had in months!  I hope to see you at Southern Exposure and AAU Nationals!  

We head to the Showdown in the Smokies this weekend and all matches, highlights, clips and moments will be available across my YouTube, Press Sports, Instagram and TikTok.  Yes, I launched a volleyball TikTok account!

Lastly, I’m looking for ultra competitive college camp experiences this summer to learn more about colleges with 2023 Libero/DS needs.  I want to spend time training with like minded players wanting to play at DI programs in a challenging environment that also allows me to get a feel for the campus.  If you have dates that meet these criteria please let me know.  I have several teammates who are looking for the same experience.

Thank you for your time,