June 15: Headed to KIVA

With June 15 looming, a few of us from Carolina Rogue will be heading KIVA for their High School Elite Camp where I know some of you will be in attendance so I hope to be able to say hello and learn more about your programs.  

Next Up: Southern Exposure

Our next event is Southern Exposure in Atlanta on June 5-6 at the A5 Sportsplex. With the NCAA Dead Period over, I hope to see you there.

I’m Now a Press Sports Ambassador

If you’re not familiar with the Press Sports App its the TikTok and Instagram of sport and I have been appointed as one of their Ambassadors!

When Frenemy’s Battle

We went in to Showdown in the Smokies with a banged up squad, two players called up to 18’s and one player out; but battled through 8 matches to lose to our frenemy (Kiva 16 Red, #10 in the country) in the final.

Finally Some Good NCAA News!

As exciting as the NCAA tournament has been, the NCAA Dead Period ending June 1 is the most exciting news around the NCAA we’ve had in months! I hope to see you at Southern Exposure and AAU Nationals!

Coaches Recruiting Survey

I sent out a short survey to Division I college coaches to get feedback and insights into what tools are helpful to them for recruiting. If you have not opened the email, I will send a refresh mid week. It’s a very short survey and your time is appreciated. Once the NCAA tournament is over, […]

I’ve launched a YouTube Channel!

Based on feedback from my College Recruiting Survey, I have launched a YouTube channel. I will post highlights and full match videos while keeping clips on Press Sports and Instagram. I plan to share my recruiting journey with other players so it can help them in the future so a segment on that may be […]